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“When” not “I Wish”

“I Wish…” won’t get you anyway where but “When…” will take you on a journey you never could have dreamed of.

It’s that time of year when we are all talking about our hopes and dreams for the coming year, what we’re wishing for from Santa – will we get everything on the list or will be get a lump of coal – what we’re wishing the new year will bring, perhaps wishing that this year will just, for the love of all that’s good, END!

We make wishes on our birthdays, we wish on stars, we have a culture of wishing and dreaming.  Now here’s the important part, the language we use betrays our perception of the world and in turn reinforces the world we live in, the attitudes we hold, and from there it impacts the decisions we make and ultimately the life we have.  An article in Psychology Today says that “language functions as a filter of perception, memory, and attention”.

You can spend all your life wishing, hoping (not that there’s anything wrong with having hope, that’s a totally different subject altogether), and dreaming…but these are nothing but fantasies.  We use these words because we don’t believe that these things are possible.

Here’s something fun, our attitudes and outlook on life are shaped by our brains’ physical structure.  What’s even more fun is that this is not a one way street!
The words we use literally impact our brain function, angry words activate the fear centres releasing stress hormones, and the happier words release the happy hormones.

So the next time you think about something you want for your life or when you’re thinking of your New Year’s resolutions, instead of saying “Oh I’d love to…” or “I wish I could…”, instead of the good old “I don’t make new year’s resolutions because I never stick to them!”, change your language up and the results will be astonishing.

Maybe you’ll never actually achieve the thing and maybe you will, maybe it will take 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 years, or 60 years, but you’ll certainly be a lot happier and make more progress towards it than if you continually call it a wish, and you truly never know where life will take you or what great things you will experience just from changing the way you talk.


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