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The Great Pit Sniff

(Photo by Kevin Noble on Unsplash)

A few years ago, I had a bit of an obsession with those wee subscription boxes.  I tried out a great many.  It was a real delight, never knowing what was coming through my door each time, it was always a delicious mystery.  And I say delicious because, if you know me at all, food is a big thing for me, especially anything in the snack or beverage categories, so I was definitely a fan of those that included food parcels as part of the box.

Always a lover of all things natural, the flowers the scents the colours, just the whole vibe of it was really lovely, and as I was becoming aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals in our everyday products, including things like moisturisers and lovely bath things, I did take a wee peek at some of the organic/vegan/natural boxes that are out there.

This is where I had my first encounter with natural deodorant.

It’s common to call all kinds of things that we squirt under our pits ‘deodorant’ but, there are 2 types: Deodorant, which is to stop the odour and Anti-perspirant which works to stop you even sweating in the first place.

Now I don’t know about you, but as a general rule, if something is stopping my body carrying out a normal healthy function, I’m a little cautious.  But, until faced with this little pot that came to me by chance, I’d never thought about this subtle but important difference in the products I was using.

Generally, anti-perspirants contain some form of aluminium, which then blocks up the pores under your arms.  According to Breast Cancer UK, aluminium salts “…may be listed in ingredients as “natural mineral salts”, “natural rock salts”, or “potassium alum” (potassium aluminium sulphate).”
What’s more, when skin gets damaged, it can absorb up to 6 times more aluminium

Now there’s more that I could write here, so please, head on over to Breast Cancer UK for their fantastic plain English write up on aluminium salts and what exposure to it can do.

I’m personally more immediately concerned by the ways in which is affects our hormones.
Some of these aluminium salts can interfere with oestrogen levels and also imitate oestrogen in our bodies.  These are not good things at all.

So I broke up with my antiperspirants and my super-duper extra dry potions, and my adventure into the world of natural deodorants began!

Here is my take on some of the different brands and scents that I’ve tried.

Love Your Pits

Family Portrait Studio

This was the first one that landed in my wee box that day that introduced me to all of this.

The Patchouli and Lime was the one I got and the smell was just divine.  It’s probably not the first blend of scent that springs to mind when you think of your favourite deodorant, and frist sniff in the tin it was pleasant enough but nothing special.  However, as with all of the natural varieties I’ve tried, you really can’t tell from the tin sniff what it’s going to be like on your skin.
It is by far, my favourite scent of all that I’ve tried.
I also like that this is produced by a small local company, and supporting small and local always gives me a wee feel-good buzz to go along with it.

I really liked that they also send a wee leaflet with it on taking care of your breasts.

It comes in a pop-open tin, which is great as it’s easily opened with wet/damp hands and easy to close again – no twisting or pulling needed.  They also give you a wee spatula to use with it, which makes it quite handy for scooping it out and saves you getting it all stuck under your fingernails and makes it a lot easier to control how much you’re getting out in one go.

Made from a lovely blend of coconut oil, sesame seed oil and candelilla wax it’s quite solid compared to some others.

The folks at Lotus Therapies Whitstable also make a bunch of other delightful natural products, do check out the ‘Love Your…’ range.

Coming it at £10 a tin though, it’s definitely on the more pricey end of the range, but, as it is all handmade and from a smaller producer, that is to be expected.

Earth Conscious


These guys are probably one of the more recognisable brands on the market at the minute.

(I love that there are now ‘recognisable brands’ of natural deodorant!)

I tried out their ‘Pure’ deodorant.  Basically no scent at all, just works on being anti-bacterial to prevent odour.
It was really great, and I definitely love that there’s an unscented option, it makes going out and wearing perfume a lot easier as there’s no competition on scents.

These guys started off with the tin option, and have now progressed to include a cardboard tube as well, which looks more like a roll-on.
I have to say, I really like this, totally plastic free, cardboard is soooooo biodegradable, even more friendly to the environment than the tins, AND it’s a lot easier for anyone new to the natural deodorant thing to get on board with.

A beautician friend also assures me that not having to use your fingers to apply it makes this a more attractive option for those who like to wear a heavier makeup look during the day.

Price point, these guys are around £7 for a tin or tube, which is pretty reasonable.
And they have quite a good range of scents too for those who want a scented option.



Yup, Norwex, where my whole toxic-free journey started, where I started to become aware of the harmful chemicals we are exposed to in the simplest and everyday products we use and the harm they do to the environment and our health.

The deodorant was released on the product line here in Ireland and the UK about 2 years ago.
I was really excited by it at first, and really liked the scent, but it’s probably not the one I’d recommend to someone trying these out for the first time.
Even though I’m a consultant with Norwex, I will always give you my honest opinions on things.  And I don’t rate this the highest of the product line or compared to competitors.

It’s quite creamy, and does leave quite bad white marks, so you have to be very careful with when you put it on and coming into contact with your clothes.

It’s also in a plastic container, and although it’ like a roll-on, there’s always quite a bit left behind in the tub after you’ve finished with it, so you end up having to scrape it out or leave a load of it still in there.

On the plus side, it doesn’t contain any nut products, so it may be much more appealing to anyone with nut allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients in most other solid natural deodorants.

Neal’s Yard Remedies*


These guys have been a favourite of mine for many years.  Their product range is ideal for anyone who wants natural and organic and great ethics and sustainability, and still going for a mainstream bigger brand.

I joined them this year as a consultant because, well, I love the products, love the company and their values, and I get discount as a consultant.

So, I took that as the perfect opportunity to try out some of the products that I’d not have been immediately drawn to previously.

The deodorant range is all liquid, which is unusual (if not unique) in the natural deodorant world – please do let me know in the comments if you know of others!

They offer 2 types, one is a spray and the other is a roll on.

The Rose and Geranium roll-on, which I’ve been using, was absolutely lovely.  Because it’s a roll on, it really feels much more like a traditional deodorant, so I think that makes it really great for anyone a little nervous about trying this side of things, the psychological transition is pretty much zero.

I’m in love with Geranium as a scent because I find it really helps with the emotional side of life as a woman! Lol.  It’s such an amazing mood stabiliser and stress buster for me that when it comes to that time of the month when ‘the rage’ starts to creep in, I pretty much have something with geranium in it around me 24/7.

As it’s a clear liquid, it leaves absolutely NO WHITE MARKS EVER! Which is even more awesome.

At £8 a bottle, it’s pretty good value too.  It has a much thinner consistency than traditional liquid deodorants which tend more on the creamy side of things, so you don’t use as much, which means the bottle also lasts a lot longer.

And the glass bottle is also recyclable since, well, it’s glass!

Pit Putty

Saving the best until last!

Yes, I said the best.  In my opinion anyway.  And before I get into this, I paid for my Pit Putty, myself, because I wanted to try it, and have not been remunerated in any way by them.  This is just all the real-deal-feels.


These guys are fairly new to the natural deodorant scene, but they’ve been really making their presence known and are becoming incredibly popular.  And with good reason too!

I’d seen them popping up on my Instagram feed so decided to give them a try, and since they (to my happiness) produce mini tins for just a few Euro a piece, I thought I’d get myself one of each…yes, all 4 scent options!

Just after I’d placed my order I got a wee note from the lovely folks over there in Sligo to say that they were out of the mini tins of one of the scents, but they were sending me a full sized tin instead…at no extra cost.  How fab is that!  Top marks for great customer service!

The 4 scent options are wonderful, and there’s definitely options there that I think the guys would really love too.  I think some of the natural deodorants feel a bit feminine at times, but these guys have that sorted!

Anyway, down to business….my favourite of all of the scents is the 3 flowers.  Not my first impression out of the box, but when it went on, the scents in this really worked on my skin.  It’s like any scent really, you just don’t know how it will work on your own skin.
This is another reason that I love the mini pots because you can try them all out and find what you love and what works on you without breaking the bank and without having a whole big pot of stuff left if you really don’t like it.

I did like all of them, and have (and still am) using them all depending on what notion I take each morning when I get up.  This is another bonus, you know what I mean folks, some days you just want a different smell, it gets boring using the same one all the time.
And personally, depending on what’s going on with my hormones and where I am in my cycle, I actually gravitate towards different scents…which leads me on nicely to my favourite of the 4….

The 3 flowers.  If any of you are battling with PMS or PMDD, or just generally need a little mood balancing, this is the ticket!  It contains lavender, geranium, and ylang ylang.  All of which are amazing stress busters and balancers, and what’s great is that the lavender is not the dominant scent.

Bonus points on the Pit Putty is that it’s also a fab wee hand moisturiser! Lol
Yes, you read that right.  Once you’re done rubbing it in, just massage the rest into your hands and it’ll do your cuticles the world of good!
I do love that.  Much more so that any of the other solid deodorants I’ve tried, this one is just lovely on the hands.  So you get a wee two-for in it! Hahahaaaaa

Another bonus, the wee pots.  Seriously, I’m in love with the wee pots.
They’re great for taking with you in the handbag or sports bag and take up little to no space.  You could even put them in your pocket.
Ladies, we all know that no matter the brand or deodorant, natural or full of nasties, we all always have a bottle in the handbag and give ourselves a wee freshen up through the day.  So I love the wee mini pots for this.  It cuts down on the weight in that bag!

Well, it’s a great product and it’s definitely my go-to now of all the brands out there.

Apart from having a great product, what I Iove about these guys is that they aren’t marketing themselves as ‘alternative’.  That’s something that really gets me on a soap box (natural, no-nasties soap lol) having a rant.  Their whole vibe is fresh, bright, modern, and just happy.  Not hippie.  Not eco-friendly, earth friendly, vegan, sustainable, plastic free, or any of that.  They are all of those things, but in my opinion anyway, they’re not giving that vibe, which is a good thing.  It makes them so much more accessible and attractive to the wider population that you don’t feel like you’re going down any kind of ‘alternative’ route, which puts Pit Putty (try saying that fast…go on…) ahead of the curve.

As we all become more aware of the dangers of synthetic chemicals to our health and to the environment, we need to start seeing products like natural deodorant as the main stream, as the norm, as the expectation, and start thinking of the synthetics as the alternative, as the things that get us saying  ‘well, I suppose if you like that kind of thing’ and giving a look of bemused pitty and disapproval all in one.
I think Pit Putty have got this nailed and a lot of the other up-coming natural earth conscious toxic-free brands would do well to look at what these guys are doing.

Are you a natural deodorant efficionado?
Have you tried any?
How do you feel about them?
I’d love to know your experiences! Drop a message in the comments below!

(This article contains some affiliate links, marked with a *.  See full disclosure here)


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