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When Emer Met Norwex

“Emer, I’m having a cleaning party at my house in October. You’re coming. Bring your mammy too. There’s this mop that I want to get, so you HAVE to come”

ehhhhhhhhhh, what’s that now?

Picture it, there I am, on the phone to one of my dearest friends. We have 2 very different lives – she a happily married exceptionally busy mother of 4 (all under 10), me a happily single corporate dolly in stilletto heels with a frequent flyer card that was actually useful and the biggest responsibility of my non-working day was deciding which takeaway place to order in from, or maybe go out for dinner somewhere with some friends….tough decisions….

Cleaning was most definitely NOT my thing. Or anything even remotely close to it.

I lived on my own in a 2 bedroom flat on the 6th floor of a city apartment building. My home didn’t really get that dirty, and keeping it clean wasn’t really anything of a challenge, just a pain in the whatsit thing on the to-do list once a month that took time away from doing the things I wanted to be doing with my precious weekend.

But, with some bribery and corruption on my friends’ part – the promise of her amazing waffleberry pudding and the threat of her telling her children not to love me anymore (I’m fun aunty Emer, I baby sit and play dress up, feed them drinking chocolate powder from the tub and UHT cream straight from the cannister) if I didn’t come along – the date was placed solidly in my calendar, and my mother coming with me. Let’s be honest, apart from my friend who had invited me, I literally couldn’t think of a single other person who’d have any interest in it.

Well October came more quickly than I’d imagined it would (doesn’t it always!) and I was there, walking into my friends house, looking forward to seeing her, catching up with her and the kids and everyone else she’d invited along, having some food, and ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF BUYING ANYTHING, not even a token purchase. I’m too much of a penny pincher for that. She got me through the door, on a Friday night (or was it Saturday?) I brought mother, we got the numbers up, and I was going to be sitting through however long of this cleaning melarky. That was more than enough support to expect of any friend. And did I mention I’m a penny pincher?

As the night went on, I was becoming more and more interested in what the woman at the front had to say. My mind was slowly being changed. Or more specifically, I was thinking about things that I’d just never thought about, and it was all making little bits of sense.

The chemicals we use, the impact they have on our health, and the environment, not to mention how totally unnecessary so much of it is. But, that’s not what got me interested.

As a person who was the very definition of busy and active, with a demanding corporate job with long hours, working at home in the evenings, that had me taking multiple flights and hotel stays each month, a busy social life, doing an academic course online and leading a local study group, as well as many hobbies and outdoor pursuits to take part in, the thing that spoke to me most was IT SAVES SO MUCH TIME!

I used to have to schedule in a cleaning day each month, which wasn’t always the easiest thing to manage. Not because my home was particularly dirty, but because it just took so long to do everything….all the bottles and different cloths and sponges that have to be taken out and then put away again, different sprays for different jobs, and they all run out at different rates so there was always something that had run out and I didn’t realise until it was too late…which then meant having to either stop and go to the shop to go and get some, adding time that really, I just didn’t have; or not clean whatever it was, and have a part-cleaned home – which is just annoying.

On a par with the time saving, was ALL THE WAYS IT SAVES MONEY.

Have I mentioned that I’m a penny pincher?
Sure, I was in the privileged position of having a decent disposable income, but, as anyone who lives on their own will tell you, it’s darn expensive. There is one income to cover ALL the bills: Rent, electricity, heating, phone, internet, groceries…all the things, and don’t get me started on the single-person tax when you go away somewhere and have to stay overnight.
Yeah, less fun, and no groupons available for a single room! And when I work so hard for that income, I’m going to be sure that anything I spend it on, if it’s not fun, is going to be given serious debate.
So, if this stuff could save me money, I was in.

Not having to buy all the cleaning things all the time – and we all know how much the shopping bill goes up when you start to throw those things into the basket – that I can do 90% of all the jobs with a couple of cloths, which will last me for years, well, I’LL HAVE SOME OF THAT, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Throw into the mix that I can get rid of all of those bottles and tubs and packets of sponges and cloths and wipes….and get some precious space back in my

By the end of the night, I had a wish list as long as my arm. (ok, my arms aren’t that long, i’m only a wee 5 footer, but that’s not the point…)
I’d had a great night, surprisingly so much fun, won a prize (WHOOP WHOOP!, FREE STUFF) and I made my first Norwex purchases of a household package, a packet of body cloths, and a bag of washing powder. Enough for me to get started and give it all a good test run before making any further investments.

I haven’t looked back since.
I am 100% IN LOVE with Norwex, and I really do believe there is something for everyone, that this stuff will literally change your life in ways that you don’t even link to cleaning, like helping shut down that hormonal acne, or giving you back a day a month that you don’t have to spend cleaning. Sure, there are some products that I don’t love and some that just aren’t relevant for my life – I don’t have a dishwasher so I’ve no need for dishwasher powder…. but it’s more than just a couple of cloths, it’s more than cleaning stuff. It’s the ethics, the mission, the values, the community, the spirit that runs through everything the company does. To paraphrase the founder and Chairman of Norwex, people come first, the business comes second.

Have you experienced the Norwex Joy? How did you first hear about it? What was your first impression?

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