Disclosure & Privacy

Your Information Is Safe

Privacy is something that is deeply important to me.
I will never share any of your personal information with anyone.
Occasionally, I may share some general information about the demographics of my readers with third parties, but THIS WILL NEVER BE SPECIFIC OR IN ANY WAY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE and will only be used as a reference point for creating helpful content.


I only accepts products, services, or brands that are a natural fit.
Offers for sponsored posts and advertising will only be accepted if they are something I’d write about anyway.  Any gifted items are in the same boat!
I will always give my honest personal opinion of any product, service, or brand regardless of the source.  Sometimes, I might not absolutely love something, but will write about it anyway, as it may be helpful for or enjoyed by my readers, but, it will always be an honest personal opinion.
Items and services which are gifted will only be featured if I believe it is something that will be helpful or of interest to my readers.  Anything gifted which doesn’t fit might be graciously passed on to a friend who would appreciate it, but will not be featured here.


I am part of some affiliate programs.  This means that if you click on this site or one of my social media channels in order to make a purchase at a retailer, I might receive a percentage of sales.
You are never under any obligation to click through using these links when doing your online shopping.  Just know that I really appreciate it when you do, it helps me pay for the exciting things like domain URLs and hosting platforms, and some of the super exciting real-life bills


Inappropriate comments will be deleted.
Comments are generally freely allowed, all first-time comments will be reviewed before being published.
Even some comments that are not so nice will be permitted – but why??
This is about being a Spark of Joy, where’s the joy in being unpleasant?
Spammy comments will not be approved and will be removed if they slip through.

Matters of Faith

Personal faith is something which is deeply important to me. Sometimes it will come up in my posts as it is part of how I speak, and most definitely the lens through with I view the world.  I write from my perspective, not yours.
This site is not a place for any kind of religious or theological debate or argument (see comment above).
Not everyone will share my beliefs, in fact I’ve yet to meet anyone with whom I agree on absolutely every single point of life.
Please do feel free to speak to your own faith and beliefs in your comments if it is something which is in keeping with the theme of the post, and is legitimate conversation.
We don’t all agree on everything, let’s not fall out about it.
Any baiting or trolling or any attempts to run down, convert, or belittle anyone else’s beliefs (that goes for mine and other commenters) will be removed.  See comments above about being unpleasant.

Image Usage

Many of the images here are taken from Pexel.com which is a free image library that does not require any royalty payments or subscriptions.
Where images are used and are not from a free source, credit and link-back will be given.
If you see that I’ve used your image and haven’t given credit or link-back, please let me know immediately, it’s a complete unintentional oversight and will fix it ASAP, or remove the image as soon as I can if that is your preference.
Where images are my own (They’ll have a TSoJ watermark) you may not use or otherwise reproduce these images without my express written consent.
You can contact me at emerfrances@thesparkofjoy.com

Content Usage

Writing content takes time, research, and a great many re-writes.  If you would like to share, please do, but please ensure that you link back to the specific post.  I always do the same, and if you see that I’ve used some of your content and not given credit or link back, it’s a total error and completely unintentional, please let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP.


please contact me at emerfrances@thesparkofjoy.com if you’re interested in collaborating, advertising or sponsoring a post. I do not sell text links, however I am open to working with you on a post about your brand, product, or service, written from my point of view.
Guest posts are welcome, but will be reviewed and might not be posted.
See my comments above about Content.

Thanks again for reading The Spark of Joy!