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Moment Health: #TakeAMoment Campaign

I’m going to start this particular post off by telling you that I am promoting an app and a campaign. I’m also going to tell you that I’m not getting paid or in any other way remunerated for doing this. The organisation reached out in a bloggers group I’m part of and asked if anyone… Continue reading Moment Health: #TakeAMoment Campaign

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Soda Bread

Apparently my first foray into IG Stories of How-To with my wee wholemeal soda bread was very popular with you all, and I’m finally getting the recipe up here. It’s been a bit of a crazy week for me with my office job being on a slightly different schedule than normal and having 2 training… Continue reading Soda Bread

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Shifting Focus

If you’re on Instagram you’ll have no doubt seen all the #10yearchallenge pictures going up recently, and it got me thinking.  Well, firstly I have no pictures of me from 10 years ago, which is why I had to think about it.  Where was I, what was I doing, and why are there no pictures?!… Continue reading Shifting Focus

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5 Things You Can Start Doing To Beat Blue Monday (that don’t cost you anything!)

Blue Monday, generally considered to be the 3rd Monday in January as the most depressing day of the year (in the northern hemisphere at least), is fast approaching.  This year it’s the 21st January. It works on the basis that it’s been a few weeks since all the excitement and partying of Christmas, it’s not… Continue reading 5 Things You Can Start Doing To Beat Blue Monday (that don’t cost you anything!)